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Connected, 2021, Watercolor on paper, 56 x 76 cm

Paint me Heaven
תערוכה קבוצתית במסגרת 
AKAA Art and Design Fair 2023

באוצרות  Afrika First, LYS

"The creative drawings of Abekyelesh are expressive and unique, covering a vast range from figurative to abstract. Her
work is spiritual and inspiring, depicting social, family, and personal themes changing and expanding as she does, both as an artist and a woman."

“Heaven is in a mother’s womb - quiet, warm and gentle. One is protected from the emotional rollercoaster of the outside world.
A healthy newborn baby is God's greatest creation, in all it's naivety and all it's potential.”

Abekyelesh Belay

Figures in Blue Background, 2018, Watercolor on paper, 32 x 41cm
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